AIM Diving
Creating a new brand for the founder diving instructor of a diving company in thailand that offers diving tours to islands in the andaman sea.

I was approached by the founder of AIM Diving to create a website and logo that tells about him as a person, his business and the services he offers to tourists. At the heart of the brand is approach, quality, high standards and trust in what AIM Diving does, which is why Ageeva has created a mix of business website and portfolio that completely differentiates AIM Diving from its competitors and offers a new diving experience.

The logo reflects the essence of diving, where there is a world above and below the water, separated by three waves that correspond to the time of entry into the water or “time in", the moment of diving and exit from the water or “time out". The shape of the logo is an abstract image of a manta ray, as seeing this stingray is a dream for almost all divers.
The website is the main sales tool for AIM Diving. Moving from repeating the underwater world style was an idea that evolved in the website design, where it was decided to keep only an abstract wave line for separating the blocks of the site. This graphic element also works for promotional Instagram posts.
Strong difference from competitors is in the simplest possible style of the site, with unique icons repeating the founder's photo and diving equipment.