Pure Dentistry
Pure Dentistry is a private dental practice in Upper Mount Gravatt, Brisbane, Australia, that uses the latest dental technology and high quality materials. The dentists at Pure Dentistry provide honest dental advice for adults and children, genuinely caring for their patients.

Dentists Brisbane wrote to me about creating a page to describe implant treatments. As they already had a page with a lot of text, without any structure, the client mentioned that the average visitor to the homepage of the implants is often confused by the information.

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I have structured the pages to help the user with their choices, to learn more about the implant procedure and what alternatives are available. Due to the logically structured blocks of information, you can quickly navigate through the page, and the gradual presentation of information allows you to retain interest for a long time.

As it was extremely important to show the clinic's professional approach to its patients, to gain their trust and to talk about its quality services, I used real photos of the clinic's interior, dental offices and real people.
It was important to show all the parts of the dental implant with the follow-up.
3D jaw and implant models — work by Alex Mit
Worked with content, for successful SEO and better information submission.