Biomedon NY Postcard
Biomedon wrote to me in early December 2022 about the idea of creating greeting cards for their clients. The main request was to reflect the theme of the laboratory, as well as to depict the laboratory personnel (not personally) with whom they work.

Biomedon specializes in the development and design of comprehensive laboratory equipment to develop the best solutions for their clients' research projects in the field of biomedical technology.
I created postcards that
are "free" of Christmas tree.
Biomedon has customers all over the world and it is very important for them to consider that New Year is not always about the Christmas tree and Santa.

So we created a series of cards for customers from different countries and religions and a personalized one for PMI science. Here is a picture of Santa turning on the Christmas tree lights, and on the wall hangs a poster with an exact copy of the company's building.
Robot arms are fictional objects based on references.